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"That We Govern for Freedom"
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"Oceans and Atmospheres"

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The Administration of GAEA

Management from a discovered and learned understanding of a Natural RULE. We are limited to our period in time, in each time, and develop according to an understanding of long term preservation for the planet, eco-systems, and flocks, and addition the growth for our people here and there.

This input to the GoA is called GAEA. This group has a front end access and back end access, and is used to assess the environemtnal issues of one nations or another, and where applicable, encouage the development of protection for environment, flocks, ecosystems, encourage of clean fuels or pollution controls, and more. THis larger perspective helps to achieve the observation, and then to later reduce where work is service.

This perspective is across multiple nations. Like the GAIA BE/FE support the GAIA p[erspective indicated for this perspective of adminstration, this input for GAEA is also presnted as perspective to. Where inputs to the GoA could indicate men with opinion who later seek agreement before discussion, and amongb data or other assessments, and also, the topics of presentation or arguement in one place or another. GOA is being understood as an interaqction model among men, this GAEA presentation has the support role for field work indicated by menu item.

This group input also uses an international intellgience gathering model, and where some assessment of one problem at a time is made. The measurement of other nations, regargind arguement of impact on the environment, has a primary concern of where it is trans border influence, and an assessment also of impact to societies or communities, and more where needed. This data helps me make and assessment in the area with larger problme model perhaps understood in some places.

Florida, America (non-United States)

Administration is by Volunteer and Agreement. We currently use the existing resources of the nations to administer, and our development is a reference of government purity from which to argue.

Under Construction

Welcome to the Early Construction depicting an administration for the individual, as supported by a sin of the Christian and muslim bible, technology.

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