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"That We Govern for Freedom"
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"Oceans and Atmospheres"

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The Administration of the Government of anArch: ARK

This section is to be used to indicate workload or other workload agenda items for the early assembly or evaluation of information. Because I like to work with list for the questions I think, about, this section will also be filled with lists, and open to conversation or argument among the meanings, and where technology permits, the additional of your own conversations.
  • "My Ark of life is the garden planet; When I pray to an Ark, which direction do I pray?"
    If I am an ARK catholic or an Ark Muslim, which direction do I pray and ho does it influence our ark? (Note, a natural construction of belief, I was raised catholic, and we boht have two different interpretations of god, the catholic taught me I, I found the E is my creator. What does he teach us about protecting her? The resolution here, of men who allege gods and devils, the RULE, the ight, and the planet the her. The direction I pray might vary from person to person, or belief to belief. to believe that the planet holds a place among natural intelligence, E is where I understand the nature of what has been among flocks for so long. To state the RULE and the Planet or either god or devil... is a misstatement. If the devils and men, or demons and more were born also among planets and rule... then perhaps we both have some similar understanding of creation, and the god of the sky teach us occasionally. My mother or father had no need to declare ark, and to state my god made trees, and that of the Catholics makes angels... what am I taught to serve? When I go a priest, I might ask what is the single oldest living thing you can name, contiguously alive, what might he say? I would say the ecosystem, of earth, the gardens and the life... and when he tells me about god, I ask what I am teaching to serve? Surely it is not me, and surely the rewards of heaven have not changed. The service of the I and the service of the E, How do they vary? Where environment, or (environment, life, liberty, uline); elluminous or intelligence, (intelligence, life, liberty, uline) illuminous. ONe is before and after the other, or vice verse. Among men as we travel the lands, born from environment we are now I smart enough to find distant lands. Because I am I and find another island, and ho do I serve, environment, native spirtis, and then someday the I, it take us ot other worlds, and who do we serve, environment, where it is the rule of clothing we wear, or the conditions of the planet... as an ark catholic, I state it because it teaches men about many things. However, I use the ark catholic because the ark illuminous I supposedly buried somewhere, and they spent 2000 years looking for the garden of eden, and will probably spend as much time looking for the government of anarchy. And now we have the elluminous, so some respect, and the order of service is that which is not imaginary, and among that which the public might discern as such or otherwise. I prove one, and thus accept the reference. However, an ark catholic or another rank, perhaps it mean something entirely different.
  • The problem of correlating the light angel and the shadow angel to some point, where it is cross, or G logo, or other variation, the aspect if light and shadow and angle of construction used for theory of, and again, represented as angle for government of light or of shadow.
  • The perspective I have is understood as an observation of earth for long time, that is successful for life and life making. The the addition of measurement for RULE, the chapter of our elluminous, to intelligently understand the problem of, And where the Illuminouls would value intelligence of all the books they keep on their shelves, I value intelligence of plants and animals, who might not read books. Two very different types of dedication to intelligence among societies and observation of service.
  • The introduction of the RULE is important, because it could be life or death, and attributed one factor or another, what is indicated is man made or other activity. The consequences fro not following the rule, could be dangerous or not, and where violations of natural energy measurement is referred. (don't point laser in face) is literally a radio light problem of physical encounter.
  • The understanding for natural measurement as understood for science and governance is presented. Understood as data I can ensure the planet maintains some condition of energy that Is known to be sustainable for life, and where to challenge the issue o uLINE deviations affecting large areas as made by men, or, and for what reason explainable in court.
  • The problem of government of anarchy, and the government of some construction... where I have gifted some thought son on arkitects, the concern here is the thoughts on how to teach natural compassions to evaluate a service. Where bible A, B, and C say service in this or that way! I can understand it relative to what I know the oldest, and their actions against what might be natural, and then again, resolve short or long term consequences.
  • Resolving the issue of governance a taught for laymen, or other; for an arc, and ark, and an arch... basic principles some might want to learn more about, talk or discuss, or even contribute to a way to describe for argument or other purpose.
  • Men or women can understand the government of an ark, and then serve it the best they know, gardening, or planting, taking care of crops, life, and more, managing towns or cities, or providing other services...
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