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"That We Govern for Freedom"
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"Oceans and Atmospheres"

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United States of America, Citizenship application for Government of America.
(You will need to distinguished your application.)
  • Apply for United States Citizenship (Exclusive, limited by deviation or other disqualification for participation as part of the group) You will be directed to the USCIS by clicking here.
  • Apply for Citizenship with the Government of America (non-exclusive, your permitted freedom to reasonably defend yourself, family, communities without dependence on the response of other other men.); Freedom in accordance with prosperity agreement, environment and life of the animals and wildlife, and permitted to defend yourself, land, skies, ways of life, family and prosperity agreements among your own groups and as agreed among more.You will be directed to the GoA Citizenship form by Clicking here.
  • Apply for Duel Citizenship. The Government of America is the land before men began to build on it, the cities and castles of the garden planet or of environments and animals. As adult citizen, you are offered freedom, and where participating as group with your other citizen registration, you are bound to the laws of that agreement within that territory, or this, where declared among the courts of town or another.You will be directed to the Duel citizenship application by clicking here.
Exclusivity for Volusia County, FL, until the maps are redrawn. The Government of America currently has more than 65,000,000 potential citizens labeled by the united states as having criminal records and unable to participate as citizens with rights (American Party is our political representation.). Those persons classified as excluded from the United states through civil procedure or process include infringements for loss of right to vote, bear arms, liberty, loss of life, removal for pursuit of happiness, and more, and with no rights to defend themselves from assailants. If your reasoning is to recover your right to vote, bear arms, or participate as citizen, then apply for government of America, not USCIS.

  • Applications for other GoA regions indicated below is seeking cooperation for development.
  • Reference: Atimoqua or Arch County (Meaning), Formerly Volusia County, on the new maps as we move to secure the state from adversaries of domestic and foreign governments.
Noted logic here... the GoA will continue being formed. it will permit these men to be free, or force a correction in the united states government, or be shut down by men attempting to resolve status quo. Group A can fight the weapons of war. Group B as USA citizen can not. Group a has no legal definition refusing we intercept the weapons of war. Group B is required to have the nation respond to its own weapons use.

Union Strategy among continents should continue.

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