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"That We Govern for Freedom"
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"Oceans and Atmospheres"

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The Administration of the Government of anArch

Management from a discovered and learned understanding of a Natural RULE. We are limited to our period in time, in each time, and develop according to an understanding of long term preservation for the planet, eco-systems, and flocks, and addition the growth for our people here and there.

Florida, America (non-United States)

Administration is by Volunteer and Agreement
We currently use the existing resources of the nations to administer, and our development is a reference of government purity from which to argue.

Time and Government, Agenda

The long term ambitions of our organization, are set by some reality of ability by the people to achieve. Including an ability to preserve the diversity of life on the planet.

Pre-work for solar industrialization of mankind.

This period among man and humans prospecting and refining minerals collected from solar orbit and out of the solar system, returned to our orbital factories in solar orbit to be processed and turned into craft, dwellings, raw minerals for consumer goods, and the habitats of solar farms to feed the and the cities among the atmospheres of our planets of the solar system. We are currently seeking to preserve the planet by refusing weapons of specific types, by resolving issues of pollution, science producing problems dangerous for life the result of success or failure, and the establishment of elluminous organization to defend diversity and life on the garden planet. Currently we are developing business models in our time, tending to long term revenues, including the recovery of man made satellites from orbit on this planet or another, the engineering for the first orbital farm and platform, refinery and manufacturing capability including recovery of minerals from space, not earth and refusing the humans part our their world for minerals, water, and air, during this period, we are also developing ways to recover each necessity of life from space. My role early role is as a fellow and we are developing Quantum Bell Inc; defining the problems of technology relative to communications, forensics, and longevity of a persons, community or species. Please contact our teams if you would like more development opportunities for the longer agenda of our organizations.

  • Sun and Solar Orbit; orbital platforms.
  • Mercury and Venus; Cities float on the real estate of upper atmosphere and on the surface.
  • Earth and Mars; Cities are on the surface of earth.
  • Jupiter and Saturn; Cities float on the real estate of upper atmosphere. Transportation between these cities is being innovated for flight systems automation using consumer vehicles of our day. Communications methods are being developed using a natural time line, while challenge rule RULE problems of this planet and the solar systems. Innovation at Quantunnel suggest like making a floating rock or dinner tray; we can float a car, aircraft carrier, and potentially city with a RULE mineral. Early pre-work is in development.
  • Uranus and Neptune; Cities float on the real estate of upper atmosphere. Transportation between these cities is being innovated for flight systems automation using consumer vehicles of our day. Innovation at Quantunnel suggest like making a floating rock or dinner tray; we can float a car, aircraft carrier, and potentially city with a RULE mineral. Early pre-work is in development.
  • The moons are not permitted for habitation in this period, the problem of moon loosing orbit after human and ET combined settlement around Jupiter forced the vacate of the moons; if this does not occur, we are successful.)
  • On each of these planets, their is the tunneling possible on Jupiter, or Uranus and Neptune... the habitation under the surface away form the harsh of the deadly atmosphere to men and our machines or even rocks.
  • The later pursuit of garden planets near other stars, for habitation. Referring not to some trek for exploration, but the habitation of a solar system by trillions of people and flocks we take with us in our wombs on the space craft, and later to other solar systems to habitat and build.
  • The habitation of solar orbit, and interstellar transit routes with space stations or RV's recreational vehicles and habitats construction he result of solar industrialization and scientific acquisition of atmosphere in space; the example is the collection of water, oxygen and other elements in space, not taken from earth. Referring next to the first round of solar industrialization in the next few thousands of years.
  • The development of gods people, as bigger than our planet, and our star... achieve an ability to tell our children about the RULE and the planet that made us intelligent enough to protect the environment where we live.
  • Consider the time lines for OIO, GAIA, and GAEA development as part of GoA; including the other topics of organization respecting what is taught to mankind, or earned by process of selection or achievement.
The manufacturing capability presented, enables our people to refence the development of other aliens species capable of building craft larger than our planet, recently seen near our star, (ra, sun). This work also will enable us to build a navy capable of defense for our solar system, orbital platforms, and the planetary cities. I will be detailing our agenda, and attributing the sciences already beginning developed for this purpose of safe habitation and long term management of the planetary life encouraging a natural RULE.
  • These details will including the systemic refusal of funding for science comparative to the engines of space craft deployed on or under the planet surface, like CERN, NIF, and others, or those attempting to recreate explosions that made the universe and insisting their scientist are more capable than the gods who made the stars or supernovas.
  • We will discourage research of fusion or high energy storage preferring real time technologies like solar cells and tending only to better cell technology, and where failure kills us all.
  • Research for Inster-stellar engines and other advanced flight systems for extra orbital high energy transit are not permitted development on this planet, and might be banned for inter solar development. The solar cell is selected for the early work of the RULE cell, and because it gives our people energy and heat near any star of the local universe and during transit without endangering the craft life with energy storage system failure.
Our Flag(s)

Because it is difficult to instruct the people on where to be free, or learn, or pursue a career; We are developing a flag model to inspire our people; and will be adding a symbol to our flags each time our people achieve a solar or other planetary settlement or cooperative. As an American I will follow the time line of humans from fifty stars on the American flag, to fifty stars in the local region of the universe where men will eventually have settlements on the planets near each, if they survive. The addition adds a dimension to our flag, where currently we add representation for some agreement of territory or people, we will do so as we grow our people into solar orbit.

Hand symbol resembles |Marker for
record Time with Energy and Light.
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P|4 Point marker increment numerical is 4; Each l 1ength is a length of light added to the 0|P|0 (point); [t]; it took time in some space to bring the point into existence; and [e] energy for the point to emit some light; inside a known or unknown l or e |0 relative to P.

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